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persons must be of legal age for consensual sex

and alcohol consumption. This game is centered around both.

If you don’t agree with either or both, if you want a calm quiet night and if  you are not fully open with each other, then this box is definitely not for you. You need friends.


Alcohol is not an excuse, you may see double but the game is built for two. For those who are more than, that option is under construction.


This wild night experience should last between four to seven hours give or take. This doesn’t include the hours you can’t remember.

Enjoy yourselves and take your time, don’t rush.


The box will provide you with everything save dinner and alcohol. We reckon it best to leave that to your own personal taste. We will however send recipes for more options. 


The following day you will wake up a wreck. It is highly recommended to take the day off. Call in sick, do what you have to do because you won’t be able to work. You won’t.


Please don’t fill yourselves up to capacity before, and don’t starve yourself because there’s a dinner break. It won’t do you well. Besides, there’s plenty of eating in the game.


In the game missions range from mild to wild,

from slutty-whore to hardcore, so brace yourselves.


Safe word. The game may ignite all kinds of intense situations that will require you to use it. Love and respect each other and don’t play deaf.


Don’t forget your safe word. Confirm it before starting the game. For those who don’t have one, make one, Google one.

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